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Delivering Colored Silk Artificial Floral Arrangements

MBHodges Creations, LLC is a Black-owned Floral business this custom online flower shop specializes in silk floral arrangements such as rose boxes, centerpieces, and bouquets. MBHodges Creations, LLC creates floral arrangements with passion. Our floral products and services are great for Valentine's day, Mother's day, Birthdays, Baby showers, Weddings, Bridal showers, Proms, Graduations, Corporate events, and Marketing campaigns. No matter how big or small, MBHodges Creations, LLC can handle them all. Do not hesitate to contact us and discover what we have to offer. Let us bring your environment to life with the rich colors of these hand-crafted floral arrangements. 

About Silk Flowers
Silk flowers are a synthetic version of being natural. Silk artificial flowers allow for a stress-free alternative to having the actual flowers. As many of you know, artificial flowers and plants come from China; according to historians, China is where it all started with the invention of fibers spun by the larva of silkworms. The Chinese perfected the process of reproducing silks.

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